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Robin Ernst

As a sixteen year old student I spent an exchange year in Cork, Ireland, and fell in love with the country, its people and their language. After successfully completing my law studies (summa cum laude while working part time) I worked for a corporate law firm in the heart of Zurich. Thereafter, I began working for the district court of Meilen in January 2017 and was quickly promoted to law clerk in October 2017. Meanwhile I was chosen as the Secretary to the Board of Directors of a Swiss SME located in Zug. After passing my bar exam in 2019, I founded Ernst Law LLC in the summer of 2020. I continued to work at the court as a law clerk in a part time capacity (50%). As of September 15, 2020, I was furthermore appointed substitute judge for the district of Meilen. In February 2022 I ended my engagement as law clerk. Since then I am a lawyer and a substitute judge.


Legal fees are determined by agreement. Because, in my opinion, costs should be predictable, I am a proponent of clearly agreed fees (including a cap). If you are in difficult financial circumstances, you might qualify for legal aid. I would be happy to consult you in preparing and filing your application for legal aid. Should you have legal protection insurance, the insurance provider might cover attorney fees and other costs. In some cases, consultation with a third party financer might be feasible.


Concerning my work as a law clerk, the district court of Meilen wrote on December 31, 2018: “Mr. Ernst carried out the work assigned to him with great speed and care. He performed very well in terms of both quality and quantity. Mr. Ernst can also be awarded an excellent certificate in personal terms.” On June 24, 2019, the court further wrote: “Due to his excellent skills, Mr. Ernst was assigned extensive proceedings, which he handled – in the well-known manner – independently and in a very competent manner.”

Regarding my work as a secretary to the board of directors, the chairman of the board said: “As the legal advisor to our company, we hold Mr. Ernst in high esteem because he has in-depth legal expertise and contributes quickly and competently to finding successful solutions to legal issues of all kinds that every company is faced with time and again. He is particularly distinguished by his ability to explain facts to non-lawyers in a comprehensible manner, to point out legal stumbling blocks and to point out possible alternatives. We are therefore certain that we, as a company and in our relationship with our stakeholders of all kinds, are always acting in a legally impeccable environment.”

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